Sociological Imagination : An Important Part Of Understanding Society

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The first part of this chapter illustrates the basics of sociology and describes the social structures as an important part of understanding society. According to Gould and Lewis, social structures are norms that are not directly stated in society and create basic set of rules that individuals follow, depending on the norms he/she believes in. One has to adapt into society and its norms in order to socialize with others. Agencies are implemented in society by choices one makes according to what he or she thinks is what they want to be recognized as depending on the effort they put in. An individual creates their unique personalities and behaviors according to socialization, which are interactions with others that helps develop individual characteristics. A well known sociologist C. Wright Mills, uses all these terms to create sociological imagination that involves personal and public issues. Sociological imagination focuses on problems that society faces as whole which impacts individual’s lives, than just focusing on personal issues caused by mistakes one makes him/herself. Sociology is a concept that makes individuals think beyond their personal problems and more into how history and other structures play a part in defining society and its norms. Society shapes individuals into beliefs that they are exposed to by their relationship with others which widens his/ her perspective from what one grew up believing. Individuals build up different ways of interpreting a societal
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