Sociological Imagination And Cultural Imagination

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Wright Mills once said that sociologists need to develop a sociological imagination to study how society affects individuals. The definition of sociological imagination by Mills, is “the vivid awareness of the relationship between experience and the wider society.” (1996-2016 LoveToKnow, Corp). Sociological imagination is the ability to understand how your own past relates to that of other people, as well as to history in general and societal structures in particular (, 2013, p. ). During my Sociological Imagination Project, I chose to spend 2 hours at Pat Hurley park and observe and analyze with the eyes of a sociologist. While at the park I was looking for social patterns in people’s behaviors. In order to see the social patterns, I needed to identify similarities in how social groups respond to social pressure. During my micro-level analysis of the small groups and individual interactions. I noticed a variety of patterns that existed which were race, gender, aging, family, class, and culture.
There was a lot of diversity among the social groups at the park which consisted of Mexicans, African Americans, Native Americans, and a few Caucasians. The Social Class of most individuals were lower class minority families. One social group I observed was a group of 10-year-old boys who were playing football. The coaches and boys were all different races which mostly consisted of minorities. The individuals were very competitive and you could see who were the leaders among the…
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