Sociological Imagination And The Teen Birth Rate

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Are most people familiar with the term “sociological imagination”? What is sociological imagination? Sociological imagination is realizing the difference in the society and how the society influence people lives. How high is the teen birth rate in the United States? Could someone relate teenage birth rates to sociological imagination? Teen relate to their experiences with the wider society. Sociological imagination and the teen birth rate can be joined together because of past history, family history, and self-esteem.

How young was people having babies around the 60s? Were those teens affected by society as the teen are today? Around 1960, there was an average of 24% of teen births of ages 15-17(Ventura and Freedman). Teens not today as in 2014 can look back around 1960 and see how the teens then had babies that young. Past history can affect the teen society because when they learn about their past, sometimes teens tend to admire those people as their remodel and if they had a baby as a teen then that teen would have been affected by their past. In the 1960, teen birth was high for then but is way higher now, but teens still learn about the past and has a huge affect on the teens and even the adults of today in the society is affected by the past and for this reason is why teenagers doe not mind the idea of becoming an adult by having their own child at such a young age, and since the people from the past was in the same predicament and still were doing
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