Sociological Imagination

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The idea of sociological imagination was created by C. Wright Mills in 1959 to describe the special way sociologists look at the world. Basically, most personal problems in people's lives are rarely ever truly personal. Usually these “personal” problems are problems experienced by a large population of people in society. Many personal problems are really just social problems disguised by people's selfishness. The difference between a personal and societal problem in an individual are the troubles a person experiences and the issues an entire society experiences that could threaten its structure. An example of the distinction between troubles and issues in society is unemployment. When only one man is unemployed in a city of thousands or…show more content…
Gemeinschaft describes personal relationships and gesellschaft describes working, impersonal relationships. Weber showed us that our society is very goal oriented. In this way, society trains its citizens to live life with rational interests. One of the last founding fathers of sociology is Karl Marx. He postulated many sociological theories that revolutionized sociology and modern history for that matter. Marx's Communist Manifesto was the basis of many political movements in the 20th century. In the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx describes the class conflict between the proletarians and the bourgeoisie aka the working class and the ruling class in a capitalist system. The top few percent rule over the majority working class to keep control of the scarce resources they have. Karl Marx believed in the idea of alienation in a capitalist society. Workers become estranged from their humanity and their individuality. Capitalism turns the regular human from “homo sapien” species into the “homo faber” species (human worker). Marx also believed that the bourgeoisie uses many techniques to keep the proletariat happy and servient. The whole idea of capitalism is built around a “fetishism of commodities” that makes people love material things and money as much as friends and loved ones which makes people come back for more. Religion is also used as a way to control the working masses. It is a quick and easy way for the bourgeoisie to
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