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To understand the term `Sociological Imagination', it is important to identify what
Sociology is and what do sociologists study. It is also vital to look at the three basic concerns of the sociological imagination or perspective, which include Social Structure,
Social Institutions and Social Processes. Moreover, it is necessary to understand what C.
Wright Mills means when he mentions "the personal troubles of milieu" and "the public issues of social structure", and how it helps us to understand the society in which we live in.
What is `Sociological Imagination'? To answer this question a person must first know what Sociology is. Sargent (1994) states that "There is no short answer... however, we can come to understand
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Not from within the individual but outside the individual. Another question that would arise before looking into the `Sociological imagination' is what do sociologists study? Sociologists concern themselves with the human behavior, what influences them and manipulates them to behave in that manner. Sociologists focus on the three basic concerns of the sociological imagination or perspective for explanations. Social structure, deals with the formation of society, how it was formed and why is it the way it is today.

Giddens, A (1997) states "It is the business of sociology to investigate the connections between what society makes of us and what we make of ourselves." The second, Social
Institutions, shows the relationship among those major social institutions that play a major role in society and have the power to influence an individual's life such as family, religion, and education. The third, which is social processes, are dynamic to social life such as conflict and power. They combine these three and try to shape why society is the way it is, what makes something socially acceptable, who makes the rules and who plays the game.

Sociological Imagination comes into the picture when a person's individual life is looked away from the society they live. It forces the individuals to detach themselves away from the familiar habits of their everyday lives in order to look at them from a new

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