Sociological Imagination

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THE SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGINATION INVOLVED WITH GENDER ISSUES, OBESITY AND SUBSTANCE USE This essay will define the sociological imagination providing examples that highlight the links between personal troubles and public issues. Sociological analysis of gender inequality, obesity and substance use will take place using the four themes of sociological imagination; historical, cultural, structural and critical (Willis 2004, cited in Germov & Poole 2015: 8). The social construction of these examples will be shown as having a significant impact on the way the individual problem is viewed. Where obesity and substance use can be viewed as either moral or health issues, gender and gender inequality stem from perceptions from birth. Gender inequality is one area where the sociological imagination can be applied, the link between personal bias and discrimination leads to a much broader public issue. Gender roles have changed over time and within cultures. Various feminist movements have seen women evolve from confined to being wives and mothers, to taking on other roles in the community and workforce (Holmes, Hughes, Julian, 2015: 72). The World Economic Forum, in producing the Gender Gap Index, has made more people aware of gender inequality by comparing men and women in one hundred and twenty-eight countries in areas such as health, education and politics (Germov & Poole, 2015: 253). Culture and society manage gender through manipulating gender identity from birth by enforcing
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