Sociological Imagination: Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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“Anxiety is the signal of danger which mobilizes the human organism’s resources at all levels of functioning in the interests of conservation, defense, and self- preservation.” (Anxiety 1) If a person suffers from anxiety there is a major loss of control and then an attempt to regain that control because of a fear that they have. Anxiety disorders are one of the most frequently occurring mental disorders in the United States. However, anxiety disorders are not only found in the United States. They are found throughout the world. They just happen to be most predominating in the United States. In this paper, I will be discussing the generalized anxiety disorder and how if effects society today.
The sociological Imagination allows a person
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Applying the Sociological imagination to this issue gives us a different look at this issue. Earlier sociologists have taught us that in order to fully understand an issue we need to look at the history of the people if effects. The family history of people greatly affects who this disorder plagues and who it doesn’t. Recently studies have shown that if a person is sensitive to high levels of anxiety because of a hereditary factor they are more apt for getting this disorder. This disorder has been shown to run in families. This information could be vital for a sociologist looking for answers. Thus, if a sociologist noticed that there was a large amount of people with this disorder in the same location it could be explained by looking at the family history. Looking at a genetic link would be very important in finding out why large amounts of people had this disorder in the same general location. If after looking at the people who had this disorder all shared some genetic link it would provide a good explanation to why they had this disorder. Another explanation for the disorder is cultural circumstances. Living in American can be very stressful. Many people find that life is just too overwhelming to deal with. Having this disorder may be greatly influenced by a person’s culture. Being on time is greatly stressed in American Culture today. Most people with this disorder have been found to spend

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