Sociological Imagination In 'The Promise' By C. Wright Mills

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1. The most basic definition of sociological imagination is, in order to recognize who you are within society, you must recognize the connection between society and yourself first. According to the article, “The Promise,” by C. Wright Mills, he delves into the fact that although people might believe that a person’s difficulties derives from their personal self-issues such as the lack of education, in actuality the so-called troubles can arise from other factors such as historical, political, financial, or social realities within society. Yes, society has the power to morph a person with great influence, but in , “The Promise,” Mills states, “By the fact of his living he contributes, however minutely, to the shaping of this society and to the course of its history, even as he is made by society and by its historical push and shove.” (Mill 2) Although many people think otherwise, in the article, Mills investigates the interconnection by listing few examples to prove how society can affect the individual personally, but I would also like to imagine that sociological imagination is when a microscopic deviation can cause a drastic change which can affecting the individual, but just as the world around us shapes who we are today, we also shape the society back. To exemplify, suppose there is a recent male college graduate who needs to pay off his loans, however he is not able to get employed so he is troubled. He continuously tries to apply to jobs but each time he fails. After
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