Sociological Imagination Of The Welfare State In The United States

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Sociological imagination is understood as how one’s biography is shaped by a broader set of social, cultural, and historical factors. Some of these factors may not have had the same role in my life without the welfare state policies in place in the United States. While the United States is not a complete welfare state, as welfare states are described as “ a social system in which a government is responsible for the economic and social welfare of its citizens”, certain policies and programs that do fall into this category have been essential to my personal development. The most impactful welfare state policies or programs that have played a role in shaping my life, and who I am, have revolved around education and healthcare. Without the effects that these have had on my life, I do not believe I would be where I am today.
The public-school system in place in the United States could possibly one of the most important welfare state programs that exists in the country. My entire education until college was provided through the public-school system, which I believe had one of the strongest influences on the person I have become. Attending school with no cost did not always appear to be an opportunity I should be grateful for, but in reflection I understand how important it was. While the academic and common knowledge provided by the education system was critical in increasing my life chance, and getting me into a school like Carleton, there are other aptitudes it presented that were just as important.
Fostering and refining my social skills stands out the most among the proficiencies I picked up in school. Social skills are a valuable tool, not only for personal lives, but also in the professional world. Having not spent countless hours in schools with students and faculty with various backgrounds, interests and abilities, social interactions may have become more difficult for me to handle and could have possibly hindered my quality of life. Being able to have been working on these skills from such an early age, and having numerous, day to day, personal interactions where I was able to expand upon them, has been a fundamental part of my growth and success in life.
The education system is one of two welfare state

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