Sociological Imagination

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Coming to a critical understanding of the world around us according too C. Wright Mills, could only be done using our “Sociological Imagination”. The “Sociological Imagination” is the ability to see the connections between our personal experiences and the larger force of history (Conley, 2017). Sociological imagination is really set into place to allow us to see the outer picture behind what we already know. Within this process, Mills explains how an individual can really see the veneer of social life for what it is, and step outside the “trap” (Mills, 1959). In other words, we must be able to engage and connect with both history and biography so that through this we are able to recognize the relations between the two, as well as society (Conley, 2017). The concept of sociological imagination can raise many questions between one another while trying to distinguish if current events are due to personal issues or does it go beyond that, into something bigger than that; social “conflict”. Culture can be described as the belief system of a society, in a sense the unique way of life for each distinct group. This can include beliefs, certain behaviors, and practices; everything excluding nature given traits. Culture plays a big role on how a society thinks, feels, and or behaves now a day we live in a culture where self-blame seems to be the easiest way out for each of us. And therefore, this brings me to a topic that can usually root a lot of self-blame, that is

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