Sociological Issues On Social Issues

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When thinking about sociological issues taking place in our society today, issues concerning our environment commonly are not ones we put on the top of the list, however they should be. It is not that any of the other social issues do not matter, but without a world to live on, or an environment to live off of those other issues would not even be taking place. Our environment has been something that we neglect and carelessly use for our own personal economic growth because it is what has been done for many years. We are destroying our world’s land and using up its natural resources and are even wasting them without concern about what consequences are resulting from doing so. There are ways that we could fix and eliminate problems that we have caused to our environment, but in order to do so we will have come together and put in the effort to make the change and become more environmentally conscious in the aspects of our everyday lifestyles. Much of our world’s land is destroyed to provide for our growing population through the occurrence of deforestation which causes loss of biodiversity and soil depletion. There are natural causes of deforestation such as wildfires, but most of it occurs through urban development and most notably agricultural development. We destroy acres of forests in order to have more land for cattle and other farm animals to graze upon, but also to have land to produce grain that won’t be fed to us, but to the animals. It is also seen that a majority of
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