Sociological Materialism Vs Economic Determinism

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(Word Count: 1,779) Perceptions and Reality: Historical Materialism Versus Economic Determinism While Marx’s economic determinism is definitely a component of his theory of historical materialism, the two are by no means interchangeable. Historical materialism does not place value upon the truth of the status of society; all weight is born on how the material base of society is perceived by its inhabitants and how those perceptions lead the people within society to act accordingly in their political and social relationships. Economic determinism, however, is the truth of the material base of society and a critical examination of how social and political perceptions are built through the economic relationships that people have with each other and institutions, and how these perceptions lead to the truth that humans are not actors with free will or an expansive amount of agency. Economic determinism is the facet of historical materialism that clearly displays how humans interact with the components of society in a way that, Marx believes, does not allow for anything more than the illusion of free will. This paper will explore the depth of historical materialism, economic determinism place within it, and human agency as a fixed point within the two. I will argue, through analyzing selections from The Communist Manifesto, Outlines of the Critique of the Political Economy, and The German Ideology, that economic determinism is the base that historical materialism is built on, and

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