Sociological Movie Review: Boy in the Striped Pajamas

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Sociological Movie Review The movie that I watched that has many references to our introduction to sociology course is The Boy In the Striped Pajamas. The Boy In the Striped Pajamas is about a little 8 year old boy named Bruno who must move to the country side with his family because his father who is a General in the Nazi military becomes assigned command of a Jewish concentration camp. The house that the family moves into is close to the concentration camp; Bruno can see the camp from his bedroom window in the distance. Bruno does not realize it is a concentration camp, he believes it is a farm. He sees a little boy sitting down at the camp and asks his mother if he may play with the boy in the striped pajamas. Of course his mother …show more content…
The German Military is also a social category; which is groups of people that have something in common. The German Military all believed in doing their job and what they were told to do. They were trained to follow orders and not ask questions; which is what the father did. When confronted by his wife about the job he was assigned to do, he said, “I was sworn to secrecy and took an oath to work for my country.” The culture of the German Military in this movie was that all the soldiers were clean cut, shaven, always in the Nazi uniform, and always followed the commands given by their superiors. Gender issues were also prevalent in this movie. In the beginning of the movie Bruno is playing with his friends before moving to the country. They are playing soldier and pretending to shoot and kill each other, while his sister Gretel was playing with her dolls. Mom is seen coming home from a shopping trip with some packages. Gender roles are “patterns of attitude and behavior that a society expects of its members because they are female or male” (Thio, 224). Throughout the movie gender roles are seen as the mom stays home and takes care of the children while the dad is working. As well Gretel the sister is always portrayed as sweet while Bruno is portrayed as an adventurous boy who likes soldiers. Men are also portrayed as strong, while the women in the movie are portrayed as weak. Racial and ethnic diversity is a
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