Sociological Perspective

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Sociology is a very rewarding and interesting subject to delve into and I thoroughly enjoy all that it has to offer. Sociology helps us to look objectively at our society and other society’s, as well as to better understand individual interactions between other people. When first deciding to immerse yourself into sociology, I think that there are three sociological perspectives one must be familiar with to better his or her understanding of general sociology and to allow the learning process to progress naturally and in a more fluid manner. Symbolic interactionalism, which simply put, is the use of symbols and face to face interactions specifically involving linguistic or subjective communication. Another sociological perspective that I think is incredibly vital to learn is functionalism. Functionalism; briefly put, is the relationship between different parts of society and how those aspects function. Lastly, we have conflict theory. Conflict theory is simply the competition for scarce resources and how the elite controls the weaker groups. These are the three theoretical perspectives that I believe will immensely help your understanding of sociology, as they can be related to almost every concept in this field.

Let’s start with symbolic interactionalism. Symbolic interactionalism is defined by (Henslin 2015) as “a theoretical perspective in which society is viewed as composed of symbols that people use to establish meaning, develop

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