Sociological Perspective In Sociology

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Sociology is the study of social behavior and human groups. This means that sociology revolves around human behavior. Understanding why certain people have an appeal to different genres of music or shows is form sociology. Sociological perspective is the way human behavior is perceived. For instance, culture is perceived as a union of beliefs and characteristics. As a Hispanic, I can see the vast differences between my Panamanian culture and the American culture. It is an understanding of why people cuff their pants and why bagging jeans were cool in the mid-2000s.
Some of the most important uses of sociology in today’s era is the understanding of people’s motive. To elaborate, I believe it is extremely important to understand the reason behind a person’s action. As the book states, sociology was used to understand why the shooter at Virginia’s largest university killed 32 individuals. By understanding the motive behind actions, we can prevent future tragedies from occurring. Bizarre cases happen every year in the world, an interesting case that intrigues me is the case of heaven’s gate, 1997. They were a cult led Marshall Applewhite, in which 39 people killed themselves believing their souls would be transported to an extraterrestrial ship following the comet Hale-Bop. Uncanny and rare events such a require a deep analyzation and understanding.
Nature vs. nurture is the argument that an individual’s behavior is either hereditary or acquired. The case for nature is that
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