Sociological Perspective Of False Consciousness

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False consciousness is sociological concept that I can personally identify with the most. False consciousness acording to the text book is a condition in which people, usually in groups that are relatively powerless, accept beliefs that work against their own self-interests. False consciousness has to do with myself because of my evangelical parents that defined my childhood due to their ideology and how so many of peers act against their self intrests due to a toxic ideology given to them by the ruling class. False Consciousness supports my view that the world is filled with many deceived subgroups that act in False consciousness. This sociological concept allowed me to learn more about why False Consciousness occurs and strengthened my view of the perceived power that the ruling class has over working class but the actual untouched power the working class has over the ruling class. As I grew up I saw how the church created an ideology for my parents that justified its excessive exploitation of them and how they simply accepted this ideology even though it went against many of our best intrests. We missed meals on a regular basis because the church demanded 15% of all of our income when we had very little to give. In the text book it gave an example of medival European society; “the ruling class could promote its interest through the Church”. My parents church promoted it’s intrests and my parents simply accpted this ideology that caused major finacial strain on them and on
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