Sociological Perspective On The And Mate Selection

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People often think about marriage as a decision solely between two people. Someone that possesses strong sociological perspective however would argue that the decision of marriage is largely influenced by factors from the world around them. More specifically, sociological perspective is the point of view that examines how institutions such as the government or mass media, cultural norms and beliefs, and social hierarchies such as race or ethnicity influence the lives of individuals (Mills 2013:3-4). It can also be explained as the opposite of an individualistic perspective, which is the focus on personal choice and immediate relationships. The purpose of my research is to determine to what degree people use sociological perspective when asked about marriage and mate selection. The results will help conclude who possesses sociological perspective and who does not. Method: In this project I used an interview as the research method to determine who possesses sociological perspective. This interview consisted of one question, “In general, when people marry, why do they marry whom they marry?” I selected three adults as my sample for this interview. The names of each respondent have been changed for confidentiality. In attempts to create a diverse sample I chose respondents of different genders and ages. Michael and Erin, the first two respondents, are both 19 year old college students. Erin is a female Sociology/Anthropology major at St. Olaf College and Michael is a male
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