Sociological Perspective : The Sociological Imagination

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The decisions we make and the outcomes of those decisions are influenced and shaped by the situations we find ourselves in, the values we have and the behaviours of the people around us. These decisions and actions in turn have an effect or impact on the society. In this essay, I will explain the “sociological imagination” according to Mills, his distinction between personal troubles and public issues and analyse sociological imagination in my biography by showing how my dream of attending university is made a reality as a result of social or historic forces.

C. Wright Mills, a sociologist in 1959 showed concerned and studied how societal changes affect our lives. According to Mills, one of the ways by which we can understand societal change and the world around us is to use the sociological perspective. The sociological perspective required looking at things from the view point of those experiencing the issue that concerns the problem at hand. Such that, the presentations of sociologist should reflect the data of how people in a situation actually react instead of their own view point of how they think they would react in that situation. The sociological perspective also involves questioning the world around us because most of our activities that we consider as normal routines have societal influence if analysed sociologically. For example; exercising which is seen as an activity to keep fit and stay healthy is also influenced by one’s societal class;…
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