Sociological Perspective on the Movie Pleasentville Essay

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Sociological Perspective of Pleasantville Pleasantville is a motion picture that was released in 1998 which is a fictional drama on how life evolves. The main Characters are teenage twins David and Jennifer (played by Tobey McGuire and Reese Wetherspoon) David and Jennifer life Is not li the perfect life that is betrayed on Pleasantville that David was fascinated with. Life is in fact perfect in Pleasantville; the families are perfect, the school is perfect, the weather is perfect, the relationships between parents and kids are perfect, and the relationships between kids are perfect. One night while arguing over the TV remote, David and his twin sisters Jennifer are sent back into the fictional place of Pleasantville. When sent…show more content…
Sociological Structure: Pleasantville was a place to which the Society was structure and everything and everyone was always “perfect”. As the the Society changed the structure of Pleasantville changed. In the beginning of the movie everyone were “equal” and by the end of there was separation of “colored” and “black and white”. The structure went from Vertical Structure to Horizontal Structure. Sociological Approaches to Self: Looking-Glass Self: In Pleasantville there is no individual identity. Everybody is the same; every housewife stays home and bakes and cook for their husbands and is there at the front door waiting for them every single day; married couple’s sleep in twin beds; and every teenager is courteous and well behaved. The residents of Pleasantville have absolutely no self-identity. Everybody behaves the same in Pleasantville, the three stages of self as described by George Herbert Mead are absent in Pleasantville. When an Individual’s refuses to open his or her experiences to the world around them they will not grow or gain knowledge of the world around them. Pleasantville never changed, it was perfect all the time; it never rained, the team never lost a ball game; everyday consisted of the same experiences; nothing new or fresh. Conflict Perspective: As David and Jennifer introduce the citizens of Pleasantville to the knowledge of the outside World their black and

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