Sociological Perspectives Of A Young Person With Whom I Work

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This essay will discuss sociological perspectives in relation to a young person with whom I work. Throughout this paper, I shall refer to the young person as Laura. This is not the real name of the young person, however by doing this I am complying with our organisations policy of confidentiality. This policy was designed to conform to the Data Protection Act of 1998 to ensure service users confidentiality.

Laura comes from a single parent family. Her mother is a drug addict and she has never known her father. Laura is 14 and lives at home with her mother and younger sister. Laura frequently engages in anti-social behaviour and refuses to attend school, therefore, is educated at the Kibble 's education and care centre on a day release basis.

A family can come in many forms, from nuclear to extended, from single parent and even divorced families. Family has an enormous influence in shaping our lives, identities and ultimately who we will turn out to be. Family categories usually fall into three groups: the nuclear family consisting of a mother, father, and siblings living together. The extended family, consisting two or more families live together such as grandparents, uncles, aunts, or other relatives, and single-parent families.

From the first moments of life, we begin a process of socialisation whereby individuals learn to become members of society and gain the skills, values, and behaviours of the culture that they live in. We learn to model by listening and watching
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