Sociological Perspectives

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In this essay I will be discussing sociological perspectives and how it helps us understand society. I will be furthering on how we understand society through functionalism and how conflict is within everyday life. I will be giving an overview on how things such as, symbolic interactionism and feminism affect today’s society as a whole whilst evaluating legislations and frameworks along with how social democracy has an impact on society. Sociological imagination is an idea used by C. Wright Mills which focuses on looking at a bigger picture. The sociological imagination looks at why we do as society says and how a private trouble compared to a public issue is usually self-constructed. It is found when someone shares a private issue people usually feel the same therefore by sharing a private trouble and making it a public issue, it will lead to a lot of people feeling the same and having the same trouble. So, public issues such as, poverty, food banks, etc. should be the real concern and be made the real issue. Sociological imagination looks at how society, education, governments, etc. contribute to people’s private issues. People often find their struggles (unemployment) is a personal weakness caused by their own errors. However, it is unlikely these problems, thoughts and feelings that one encounters in their life is unique and are the only ones experiencing this. Therefore when people in society lack the ability to gain success, the priority should be finding the roots of

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