Sociological Perspectives on Divorce

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= Anne Frank Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany on June 12, 1929. In 1942 her family went into hiding in a secret annex in Amsterdam, above the factory store where her father had worked. At that time, Hitler had oppressed the Jews and had forced many of them into concentration camps. To avoid being separated and imprisoned, Anne’s family chose to go into hiding for almost twenty-five months. Anne was only thirteen when they moved into the annex, and began their terrifying stay. Because of her ability to write, and her dedication to her diary, we have learned a great deal about Anne and her life. Anne was a teenage girl. She had dark brown hair, and large brown eyes. Her sister, Margot, described Anne’s eyes…show more content…
But in spite of everything she went without, she explained to Margot that she couldn’t let herself think of the horror in the world. She felt that she had to hang on to some ideals. Anne remained unselfish. She was cheerful and had an undying courage. Through all of her suffering, her character only became stronger and more determined. Anne, and everyone with her, faced the challenge of occupying her time and staying busy while in hiding. They had to endure months of staying quiet throughout the long days. They had to think of ways to entertain themselves, and to continue to use their minds to learn. Anne explained that one way she was able to endure their hardships was to “think herself out”. She said that when she would think of all the goodness in all of the people they knew, the goodness of nature, the dearness of Peter- that she was not afraid anymore. This way of thinking helped her to stay courageous, positive, and in good spirits. In addition to staying positive while in hiding, uplifting the spirits of others, occupying her time, and not getting caught for nearly twenty-five months, Anne Frank’s greatest accomplishment was writing an accurate account of her family’s experience in a diary. Anne’s diary has been published in many languages, and has been printed in billions of copies that have been distributed throughout the world. As stated earlier, Anne’s diary has
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