Sociological Portrait Milestone 1

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Tonetta SOCIOLOGICAL PORTRAIT: MILESTONE 1 SOCIOLOGICAL PORTRAIT: MILESTONE 1 When we are born, we carry a huge cloud over our head. It stays with us our entire life until death, we all know it as socialization. Socialization is a term used by sociologist to refer to the lifelong process whereby people are made aware of the behavior that others expect of them as regards the norms, values, and culture of their society. In this paper I will talk about how my life has been affected due to socialization by my gender, race, religion and social class. I will also relate my personal experience to sociological research. As a child my life was very difficult. I was born to a young African…show more content…
It took a traumatic experience for me to realize that my mother’s ideas about a women’s role was not ones that I could follow. On the day she allowed me to be raped so that her boyfriend at the time would go and buy drugs for her. She told me that if I told my father what happen, he would try and kill the man that hurt me and be arrested, then I would lose both my parents. Though I never told my father I knew from that day that I didn’t want to be anything like my mother. I never wanted to be so submissive and dependent on a man that I would give my 6 year old daughter to him so that he could take her innocence. The events of that day would go to affect me for the rest of my life. In studies of Black women’s sexuality conducted by psychologist Dr. Gail Elizabeth Wyatt, half of the women who had experienced childhood sexual abuse never told anyone and less than 5 percent ever got counseling. “African-American women are raped at a higher rate than White women, and are less likely to report it. We have SOCIOLOGICAL PORTRAIT: MILESTONE 1 suffered in silence far too long,” she says. This statement holds to be true in my situation as well. As I grew into my teenage years my life started to change. My mother decided to move to a white suburb in Long Island, New York it was my reality check on how people from other races viewed African Americans. It was the first time I experience stereotyping and racism. In this neighborhood whites people were
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