Sociological Reflection

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This is the second week of our sociology course. Now that I am familiar with the structure of the class, I felt that learning the material and discussing it with classmates was smooth. This week, I took a lot of information from our course and was able to connect it with my life. The first discussion of the week was held on discussing Max Weber’s three components of social class. In this discussion, people argued about which of the three “p’s” they would choose for the rest of their life. On a sidenote- I think that online discussion shave an advantage over in person classroom discussion because people generally think about their answer a lot more for an online discussion. So, I was very interested to read what people had to say. In general, I argued that property (wealth) and power go hand in hand. The wealthy are generally powerful, and the powerful are generally wealthy. I decided to pick wealth, as I believe that gives me a better chance of gaining the other two p’s through moral means than power does. I don’t believe prestige is the most direct path to the other two p’s, but it can certainly happen. I expected most people to agree with me. However, I was shocked to see that a lot of people chose prestige over the other p’s. Perhaps, this is a reflection of the Christian ethics that Roberts teaches. I value prestige very highly. However, the question asked what the best path to having all three p’s was and I said wealth. I did not respond directly to it on moodle,

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