Sociological Reflection

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This was an exciting week as I began our course in sociology. In fact, this is the first sociology course that I have ever taken. Somehow, I’ve touched on nearly every one of the subjects we have read about this week: religion, economics, culture, psychology, and more. Sociology takes all these subjects and figures out how they fit into society so we can learn about who we are. Humanities are always interesting to me. So, I look forward to this course! In the first chapter I got introduced to concepts and ideas surrounding sociology. I learned a lot from the book, but I was most interested in our online discussions surrounding the corners of our life. I first learned that my classmates come from a wide variety of ethnicities, religions, and economic backgrounds. So, that is something that I need to be aware of when interacting with people. It is wise to keep an open mind to what ever someone’s life circumstances may be. The first chapter discussion forum caused me to consider my position in society. So far, I have received a privileged upper-middle class upbringing. So, I payed extra attention to those who had similar upbringings as myself. I found an interesting theme. In her post, Kayleigh Denney said, “However, they (her parents) did a good job of making sure that we knew that there were people out there who are a lot less fortunate than we are” (Dunney,, July 3, Kayleigh Denney). Another classmate, John Ciavaglia made a similar statement. He said, “My parents were

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