Sociological Reflection

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This course has given me insight on the many social problems, occurring in today’s society. During the course, we have touched upon many topics including the ones I will be writing about in this reflection. Becoming familiar with the several social topics, has enhanced my understanding and knowledge to comprehend such areas of focus into the matters of the world today. Sociology covers the study of all social beings, cultures, and societies. It examines patterns of social organization, the resulting influences and limitations within which we all operate. We learn the many social and cultural constructed theories, which connect with the area of study. In this course, we were given learning activities to enrich our learning in a challenging way, by putting our knowledge and abilities to the test. Therefore, in this following reflection I will discuss how the many concepts that I’ve been taught has enhanced my knowledge from the beginning to now being at the end of the course and how each learning activity has helped me to understand the idea of sociology and its many social problems.

During the manner of this course, I’ve come to have a more apprehensive intellect with the topics I’ve been taught. Being given learning activities has deepened my understanding of the topic by linking it with a related activity. The four learning activities that sparked my knowledge were the learning activities on theory and methods, socialization, deviance, crime and punishment and lastly race

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