Sociological Reflection

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Throughout the course of this semester, I have learned there are many different terms and theories about society that I feel like I can relate to and have a much better understanding about the concept of sociology. For the last paper of this class I would like to talk about the last three sociological concepts that I feel have helped me improve my understanding of the relationship between society and myself. The three concepts that I will talk about are: fictive kin, agenda setting theory, and lastly, bystander effect or diffusion of responsibility. As someone who did not grow up with a typical family, I claim most of my close friends as “family” members. Every year we get together for birthdays, vacations and celebrate some holidays together. Some of my close friends are even closer than my actual family. One friend that I grew up with since the 7th grade is practically a brother to me, and even though I have and love my own mom, to this day I call his mother “mom” as well. I do believe that family is based on bonds and emotional ties, not just by blood and marriage. Our textbook defines “fictive kin as close relations with people we consider ‘like family’ but who are not related to us by blood or marriage (p.352)”. This sociological concept helps me realize that my own situation of who and what I consider family is more common than I may have thought before. Another concept that has been more clarified in these last few chapters is agenda-setting theory which is defined as “the focus on how the mass media can influence the public by the way stories are presented in the news (p.389).” From my groups of friends, I have always had the idea that the media shows us what we want to believe. For example, more recently the news has been focusing on police brutality against certain races and age groups. Yet when a police officer or group of policemen save a person’s life or does something honorable it is not recognized through the media, because it is part of their job to do those things. My best friend is a police officer for the San Francisco police department, and he shares many stories that are never shown on the media. Such as when a dangerous drug dealer is convicted, there isn’t a headline of “Drug

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