Sociological Reflection Paper

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Throughout my life, there has always existed some sort of seemingly invisible presence that somehow constantly entered my mind and shaped my thoughts. There are times when this presence made me feel guilty, attempted to control me, and even policed my own thoughts. It took me a long time to realize that the presence was there, in my brain, all around me. It was not tangible, I could never photograph it, or have it show up on an MRI scan of my brain, but it was definitely there. It took me a long time to realize this, but I discovered that this presence, in my mind and all around me, was society’s influence on me. All of the invisible borders in my life, the voice in my mind that told me to do or not do certain things, were social constructs. It took randomly deciding to take a sociology course on a whim for the veil to be lifted. This class gave me the ability to wield my sociological imagination as a sort of lens to hold up to the world, and have those invisible borders be revealed. Through this lens, I have decided to take on the sociological perspective and look at the way my life has been shaped and molded by the hands of the society I grew up and live in. Through this perspective, I have come to realize that my life in American society has been shaped by the agents of socialization, my race, and my gender and sexuality.
I was born in August of 1998, way earlier than my projected due date in October. I guess I was excited to enter the world. My mother said that I was so

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