Sociological Review Of The Sex And The City 2

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Sex and the City 2 is an American romantic-comedy movie, published in 2010, produced and directed by Michael Patrick King. The main actresses of the movie is; Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie), Kim Cattrall (Samantha), Kristin Davis (Charlotte) and Cynthia Nixon (Miranda). This movie is about four women who have great life and their friendship. This films states feminism, money, class differentiations, fashion, gay marriage, cultural differences etc. The essay will states the class differentiation in the Sex and the City 2. First of all ; “Social is a set of concepts in the social sciences and political theory cantered on models of social stratification in which people are grouped into a set of hierarchical social categories”.(Andrew, 2001) There are three common stratum model ; upper class , middle class and lower class. These classes divided according to little concepts: upper class(wealthy and powerful) owns and controls production; a middle class is small business owners, and low-level directors and a lower class having low-paying wage jobs and rarely getting money but also having enough money to live . The upper class is the social class contains people who are rich or wellborn or both. The middle class also named Bourgeoisie is group of people in society who stay socio-economically between the lower and upper classes. However lower class are those people who employed in low-paying wage jobs also persons with low income.…

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