Sociological causes of Homosexuality

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Department of Social Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences
University of the Philippines, Los Baños
Los Baños, Laguna

October 2012
The existence of gender classification determines our sexual segmentation. They are classified as either males or females. These gender classifications are also used as bases of physical work capacities, clothing preferences, decisions for priority and the like. More often than not, these segmentations represent the differences of their demographic and psychographic profiles. However, the existence of homosexuality has blurred these distinguishing features. Moreover, this phenomenon has never been inevitable particularly in every
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Factors included would be the existence of self-confessed homosexual characters or celebrities, fictional or non-fictional, in television shows, radio programs, or in pieces of literature that shed positive light on homosexuality. The influences by these people can be observed in the increasing number of gays who start coming out of the closets.

Homosexuality is commonly defined as the sexual interest and romantic attraction in members of the same sex. In contrast, heterosexuality is sexual attraction to the opposite sex, while bisexuality is attraction to both sexes. Like heterosexuality and bisexuality, homosexuality is evident in sexual dreams and fantasies, sexual acts, romantic attraction, and falling in love.
The terms “homosexual” and heterosexual were coined by the sexual law reformer K. M. Benkert, and used in an article he wrote for a German newspaper in 1869. They were then all forgotten until rediscovered by the Berlin sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld in 1905. “Homosexuality” is derived from the Greek homos, meaning same (heteros means other), and Latin sexus, meaning sex. “Homosexuality” then quickly became the accepted scientific and everyday term for referring to same-sex contacts, between either men or women.
The term “lesbian” gained popularity more than a century ago. Today, it is the accepted term for female homosexuality. It derives
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