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Sociological Portrait Southern New Hampshire University SOC 112: Introduction of Sociology Dr. Jennifer Lê August 10, 2014 Sociological Portrait Describing oneself sociologically requires an individual to be aware of the relationships between the experiences she has and her society around her. Furthermore, the things we do are shaped by the situations we are in, the values we have, the way people around us act, and how that all relates to a societal outcome. Therefore, by looking at myself through a sociological lens I can connect the sociological dots trough socialization, culture, social hierarchies, status and roles, groups, social class, gender, race and ethnicity, and the social institutions that have help me become…show more content…
However, according to the part on living arrangements for children 17 and younger, there has been a 23.6% drop in children living with married parents, children living with only their mother has increased by 17%, and children living with only their father has increased by 5.5% (50 Years of American Families and Households). Therefore, this study shows the shift of the family hierarchy, social hierarchies, statuses and roles, and social institutions. As a result of my socialization process, I now hold many roles and hold many statuses. I am a white, straight, female, daughter, step-daughter, sister, step-sister, aunt, niece, girlfriend, student, Catholic, and recovered drug addict. While some of these statuses are ascribed statuses (e.g. social positions received at birth), such as being a white female and daughter, some are achieved statuses (e.g. social positions that are earned or chosen), like being a recovered drug addict and student (Manza, j. et al., 2013). I have also received a socioeconomic status based on my family – I was/ still am part of working-class America. However, I do largely identify myself as being a straight, Irish, Catholic, female whom ethnicity is Caucasian. While I hold all of these statuses, a specific role comes along with each status. Since I hold so many roles, role conflicts can occur in my life since I try to fulfill each role to the

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