Sociologists Are Angry And You Should Be Too : Reflection On Readings Essay

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Sociologists are Angry and You Should Be Too: a Reflection on Readings Not enough people are upset about the social inequality in our modern American society, and there is far too much of it for people to simply ignore. Too many people are complaining about “reverse racism” and “affirmative action” and not looking at the realities of living in this country. The American systems of government and business are working against almost everyone that is not a wealthy, cisgender, heterosexual, white male. This paper will be covering themes discussed in Max Weber’s “Class, Status, Party”, C. Wright Mills’ “The Power Elite”, G. William Domhoff’s “Who Rules America” and Bruce Western’s “Incarceration, Unemployment and Inequality” to express how the established system of the United States of America is stacked against women, people of color, and the poor. In order to understand the most basic of sociological inequality, one must understand Weber’s classification of people. Like Karl Marx before him, Weber believes that class systems, and by extension, the main source of societal inequality, is unequal economic production. Weber also added on that one could rise in society through ownership of property, wealth and income, prestige or celebrity given by others, or power to influence others. This being said, Weber seemed to believe that anyone, given the proper circumstances, was capable of rising out of the class they were born into, regardless of race. Whether or not this was true

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