Sociologists Interest In Fair Trade

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Imagine yourself wondering what exactly fair trade means in sociology. One might think that fair trade includes trading good for a better price while others typically think fair trade is when fair prices are paid to producers in developing countries. In this paper I will discuss the summary of the “fair trade” movie, discuss why a sociologist would be interested in the given subject, and what my overall reactions include. In the YouTube video,, the film starts off as a documentary directed by Lauralee Farrer. The moral of the story is about a successful fair trade businessperson named Tamara. He lost his fiancé by a tragic death and made a rock-bottom bargain with God to delay suicide in exchange for a meaningful life. Eventually, she quitted her job at DreamWorks, her twin sister also quit her job as teaching at California University at Los Angeles, and brother in law quitted his job as a JPL in order to spend days making soap for staring up their fair trade skincare company. Tamara became an activist for human rights and social justice cases, but sensitive since her loss remains unchanged for many years. Near the end of her bargain she made, she takes a trip to Kenya to visit the fair trade co-op in Togo, Africa which is where…show more content…
Many sociologists are drawn to this particular concept because they are motivated for consumptions, which depends on the existence of impulsive, troubled, and knowing the types of consumers. Others see the Fair Trade as an abundant territory to explore the dynamic connections of ethnics, and identity. In my opinion, I think that sociologists would be interested in the Fair Trade because one might enjoy studying social movements and revolutions that can illustrate how communities share the same beliefs and goals that they form. On the other hand, one might enjoy social movements simply just happening, which makes them current like historical
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