Sociology : An Academic Discipline For Many Reasons

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Sociology Mid-Term Emma Rose Sociology was created as an academic discipline for many reasons. Sociology is the study of human society, which is how humans interact with each other. It is very important to study society and social interaction in order to better understand why people act the way they do. If you know why people act the way they do and the reason why they do what they do, you can decipher why people did things in the past and what they may do in the future. People such as Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, and Max Weber all studied sociology in a way that expanded and made sociology the known, important field that ultimately resulted in the popularity. Karl Marx theories about society, hold that human societies progress through class struggle, and he believed that societies grew and changed due to the struggle between social classes. Durkheim believed that sociologists could study objective “social facts”, analyze and explain solidarity (system that connects people and binds society together). Max Weber was more interested in separate groups rather than society as a whole, and the effect of society on the individual. Verstehen means to 'understand in a deep way ' and also refers to an approach within sociology. When aiming to understand another person 's experience, you can try to put yourself in the other person 's shoes, which is using a sociological imagination. Weber attempted to focus more on observing the social world from an insiders point
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