Sociology And Its Effect On Society

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Sociology is the study of people and understanding the development of social construction; the constraint that institutions impose on society, and individual’s behaviors and reactions to defying conformity. The study of sociology, defines defying constraint as deviance; an action or behavior that violates the reflection of social norms, through the opposition of policies. Policies are set by institutions that restrain an individual to adhere to expected standards under the supervision of the law and by social guidelines. Understanding deviance, involves the comprehension of the regulation of social norms, and the history behind the culture that set the functions of deviance and allowed the foundations of ethnocentrism to socially influence society. Deviance functions to; define the morals of right and wrong, assert social solidarity, diffuse tension between social groups, and to promote change socially. Deviance is constant within society, affirming ethnocentrism; the belief that one’s own culture is superior to others. The culture and power of one group can define normalcy and set penalties for deviating from an expected set of actions and behaviors (Adler and Adler 2010; Cannity 2014b; Cannity 2014d). Social norms are behavioral guidelines that direct individuals to conform to preconceived responses and reactions that are acceptable and appropriate to the culture of the society. Sociologist, William Sumner identified forms of deviance that are distinguished between three
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