Sociology As A Scientific Discipline Essay

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SOCIOLOGY AS A SCIENTIFIC DISCIPLINE Is sociology a scientific discipline? The issue of whether sociology is a science or a scientific discipline is an issue that has raised a lot of controversy for a long time. There are scholars who subscribe sociology is a science while others claim it is not. Even sociologists themselves have been divided on the issue example Emile Durkheim and Auguste Comte are for the view that sociology is a science while German Sociologist Max-Weber does not subscribe to this view. (Mondal, n.d.) To solve this controversy it is essential first to understand clearly what science is and what sociology is. What is science? Science is a complex term to define and it has been given different meaning by various disciplines. In general science can be defined as a body of knowledge that is organized and is acquired systematically through observation and experimentation to describe and explain phenomena. The term science is also used to refer to the systematic act of acquiring knowledge. A scientific method is used in acquiring scientific knowledge through observation, experimentation and generalisation. (Mondal, n.d.) The knowledge collected or facts are linked together in their casual sequence to draw well-founded inferences. (Mondal, n.d.) Characteristics and proponents of science i. Method- in science scientific methods are used. Scientific methods include observation, hypothesis, testing and measurement, verification and re-verification. (Farooq, 2012)
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