Sociology - Child Centredness in Contemporary Families

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Evaluate the view that contemporary families have become more child centred
Firstly , child centred society is where children have become more valued and therefore focused on and protected. In this essay I will be evaluating the view that modern families have become more child centred. I will do this by including childhood in the past compared to childhood now , and how childhood has improved through rights and economic improvements and so on.
Firstly , childhood is a phase of life between infancy and adulthood and can be said as a modern development as it didn’t develop in western society until the 16th and 17th centuries. For example , a historian Phillip Aries explained that in medieval times childhood did not exist as a separate
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The same for any financial situation and money needs to be given to improve or sustain a child’s welfare. You could argue that the welfare state, has become a breadwinner for some families today and this has increased the child centeredness in modern families today. As there are provisions focused to care for children.
In addition, the growing parental fears in society have caused parents to be more worried and cautious and even more protected over their children. As the increase in awareness that children are at risk of crime, assault and kidnapping by unknown people. Also due to increased road and train travel and traffic dangers, children are more likely to travel with their parents or carers. Rather than on their own. Secondly , to support that families have become more child centred is the children’s consumer market as children are now target audiences for many business such as , mother care , toys R Us , Nike , adidas and the music industry (especially) focus on the childhood market. Encouraging children to consume all of their products and parents to satisfy their children’s wants, this is “pester power”. Where the children pester their parents into buying them games, toys, music and so on. As the aim is to please the children, this would effectively say that

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