Sociology Course At Environmental Problems

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The introduction to sociology course this semester turned out to be a very intriguing class. I had prior knowledge and connection to the subject, but still I thoroughly enjoyed the class and feel that I learned and developed further knowledge into the subject of sociology. Many of the topics, discussions, and assignments I really enjoyed doing, and I am glad that the course turned out to be as great as it was. Due to this, I choose to not write about any activities or topics that I didn’t enjoy learning, because all in all, I really enjoyed everything about this course. I have a connection to sociology since a young age, and I very much enjoy studying all the topics we have learned thus far in this intro class. To write about assignments or topics that I didn’t like would be hard for me because I would have to make up excuses to why I didn’t enjoy something discussed. My favorite topic that we discussed in class was environmental problems. I really enjoy looking at environmental problems and the implications that arise in society stemming from the environmental problems in our world. We discussed the types of pollution and the complications that come from the different types of pollution. I really enjoy learning more about the topic of environmental change, because I already consider myself to be fairly interested in the topic prior to its discussion in class. We also talked about the social movements backing environmental change. I enjoy analyzing social movements because
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