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Week 12 Essay: Have the rising rates of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases affected the sexual double standard for men and women? Should it? Why or why not? Use examples from the reading(s) to support your position. When there is an epidemic of any disease, especially sexually transmitted diseases, the evolution and consequences of it are inevitably tied to its socially constructed meanings. The issue of AIDS has been around for several decades, and has affected the perception of men and women in different ways. The rising rates of AIDS has had various social impacts on sexuality, gender, and social control, but not has not affected the double standard that has always worked against women. When it comes to sex and…show more content…
Despite the trouble several school systems face when trying to offer sex education, most schools do offer some form of AIDS education to students. Common tools for AIDS education are videos shown to adolescents in a variety of forms. Although, these may be useful they are generally rife with problems that could give young men and women the wrong notions about sex and STD prevention and perpetuate the double standard between genders. A study of the common videos used in several high schools showed that women are expected take responsibility for any sexual activity (Steele 398). Many of the videos are directly addressed to women or implicitly addressed using confusing statements and the use of male pronouns that would go something like “Find someone you can be in a monogamous relationship full of love and respect. Give this person your trust and expect him to trust you and stay true to you as you are to him.” The message for women specifically is subtle, but it’s there. Gender differences and its inevitable double standard are apparent among young women and men when it comes to practicing safe sex in order to protect against AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Something different is expected from each gender, and men continue to possess the sexual hegemony that they have for centuries. Men are expected to give full disclosure of sexual history to their female partner and women are expected to have no sexual

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