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SOC 101 WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT 1 People are complex. Our various characteristics, including but not limited to, behaviors, ideals, perspectives, attitudes, and physical attributes make us who we are as individuals and society as a whole. The macrocosm of society, by default of the people within it, is supremely complex. As we would expect, society is evolutionary and as such, there are numerous theoretical approaches to its study. The three major theoretical approaches are examined here. The functionalist approach, in its simplest form, is analogous to a puzzle or a car. In the puzzle, each piece fits into another creating the picture. In a car, each part has a function. The engine makes the car run, the steering wheel enables…show more content…
Hydraulic fracturing, commonly referred to as fracking, is a process used to extract natural gas or oil, in which fractures in rocks below the earth's surface are opened and widened by injecting chemicals and liquids at high pressure. Fracking is a heavily discussed topic in print media. Communities across America and the globe are affected by this industrial process. Media articles describe the benefits to some, such as lower home fuel costs, and the detriment to others such as declining home values. Due to the effects of fracking such as health risks, noise pollution, and residential neighborhoods now overlooking industrial parks, families that moved to communities prior to fracking for the benefits of the location such as a superior school system, proximity to jobs and services, and the like, are now selling their homes and moving to other communities. Homeowners who sold their mineral rights for royalties could very well find themselves living in a very different community. What was once a middle- or upper-middle-class community could eventually evolve into a lower income community due to lower property values. Businesses can be affected by a smaller consumer base or a consumer base with less disposable income. Property taxes decline based on lower home values. This affects salaries of public servants such as police and fire fighters. Basically, it’s a trickledown effect. From an environmental

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