Sociology - Family Unit

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Types of families
Alternative to traditional families
Family diversity
Functions ( beneficial & critical view)
Characteristics of lone-parent family
Reasons for increase in lone parent families
Features of families in contemporary society
Reasons for increase in divorce rate
Reasons for increase in cohabitation
Reasons for increase in birth outside marriage


Family: A group of people consisting of adults and their children, who live with each other.
The adults are generally married.

Household: One or more people living in the same dwelling.

Kin: All the members of your family, including those related by blood, marriage or cohabitation.

Types of
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* The increase in abortion.

Reasons for increase in divorce rate

* Changes in law has made divorce easier, quicker and cheaper.

* Changes in attitudes have meant that divorce has become more socially acceptable.

* Changes in social position of the women.

* Secularization refers to decline of religion in society.

* Media influence. It tends to emphasize the importance of romantic love, which means that people may enter marriage with high expectations.

Reasons for cohabitation

It has been attributed to the sexual revolution and the availability of birth control, and in our current economy, sharing the bills makes cohabiting appealing.

* Sexual revolution. * Availability of birth control. * Current economy (ex: sharing the bills).

Reasons for births outside marriage

* Growing social acceptance.

* Women are far less dependent upon male.

* Some pregnancies are simply accidental.


Divorice features in contemporary society
Has the number of married people decreased?
The number of married people had decreased during the year to reasons like: * Women wanting more education before marriage ( get college degrees ) * Women wanting to put their career in first place before marriage
Has re-marriage decreased?
Re-marriage have increased, but: * Younger women are more likely to marry again than older women * Men with higher incomes and education are more
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