Sociology Inequalities in Health and Illness

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Task 3 – Inequalities in Health and Illness (P3,M2,D1)

Gender (P3) -

Mortality rates: In gender men generally die earlier than women because of many aspects of their life, for instance in general women tend to take care of them self more physically. A lot of women go on diets and a lot of exercise DVDs and detunes are mainly aimed at women. Women in general do try to eat healthy and go on diets whereas men usually aren't very aware of their diet and don’t have much intention on improving it. Women also tend to go to the doctors and seek medical advice more often and have their illnesses diagnosed and treated more often than men. Because women' generally take more care of themselves and do more to keep themselves healthy. Life
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Also the living conditions of someone in class 5 could be a very low standard and could affect things like their breathing and cause repertory problems. Also working class may do jobs which affect their bodies as lung and stomach cancer occur twice as often among men in manual jobs as among men in professional jobs.

Disease Incidence: More unskilled manual workers are dyeing due to things such as lung and stomach cancer because of the environment they work in and the fumes they are breathing can harm their lungs. More men and women die before retirement age in class 5 than class 1. More class 5 people die on a whole because they may become ill and will not have what they need to help the disease and their living conditions can worsen their condition.

Disease prevalence: There will be a higher amount of people in class 5 with illnesses than people in class 1 but certain illnesses may trend in certain classes, for example obesity which is a growing problem in the UK is more common in higher classes than lower classes, this could be due to money causing greediness. Class 1 have the money to eat healthily but also can overindulge and spend money on food which they don’t need. Whereas in class 5 it might be a struggle to get enough food to keep you satisfied.

Morbidity rates: People in class 1 suffer more from things which can be a result of their lifestyle like diet, alcohol and drugs; this is because they have money to spend on these

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