Sociology Is The Scientific Study Of Society And Human Behavior

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According to the Marriam Webster dictionary, the simple definition of sociology is “the study of society, social institution, and social relationships. Based on the textbook, “sociology is the scientific study of society and human behavior” (G-6). Through the two definitions, one can deduce that the study of Sociology is a discipline that explains and analysis the human culture in terms of their social relationships and social institutions. Sociology is a study that explains the social world which human beings live in and how it shapes their lives. According to my personal experience, sociology is a truly exciting discipline to study. It taught and helped me understand how human actions can both shape and be shaped by social structure and the surrounding culture. Sociology can open your eyes and mind to understand what is truly going on in the world. Of course, by studying sociology you also begin to see the corruption in the world and how unfair life truly is. Even though society is moving forward through woman rights and labor rights, we still live in a world full of inequality and discrimination towards gender, race, and age. There is also an unfair distribution of money, power, and prestige among the people. Sociology does not only give you knowledge of the world and teach you about politics and economy, population and urbanization, it also examines and explains life on a social level. Social level meaning, poverty, wealth, stratification and social class, social
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