Sociology Is The Study Of Society

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Sociology is the study of Society. Society is what we call a group of people who all share the same culture but different beliefs. People learn the culture they are born into by primary and secondary socialisation. Primary is what young children learn first from growing up with their family and the world they see. Secondary socialisation is learnt later from schools and media. However it is all maintained by social control.
Sociologists agree that society will always be there, however they all disagree from who really benefits from this organised society, with some saying gender and social class impact your life, while others say this doesn’t matter anymore. However one thing they can all agree on is that society shapes the person you will
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This means any conflict will exist, but be minimal, because the people know they have to accept it all because it’s all based on a person’s ability or talent, however you can work to better yourself . This is known as social solidarity.
The bad thing about Functionalism is they are viewed as being too conservative and therefore less likely to accept any change at all and less likely to accept new ways, however because they all believe in the same beliefs, it means they are more likely to be there for each other and Functionalism does encourage people to improve their own lives to work their way up.

Marxism is a controlled structural theory, made by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. They believe society is not fair, with people being divided by social class. This is known as a Capitalist Society, it’s unequal as people are judged on social class. Marxism views society in two parts. The Infrastructure and the Superstructure. These together make Transmit Ideology. The Bourgeoisie own the factories that makes the goods, and the Proletariat are the working class. The Bourgeoisie get maximum labour for little pay, this is known as Surplus value, often the workers are exploited, all of this causes conflict between the two. This made a large gap between the working and poor classes. It claims that false consciousness makes working class conform to how they are meant to
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