Sociology: Marriage And Family

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Marriage and family is one of the most interesting and relevant topics that we have covered in sociology so far. Our class discussions were eye-opening, as I now realize the impact my family has on me. We learn our gender roles and how to generally act in society because of our family, which may be positive or negative. We also begin to realize the differences in other family households, which may lead to stereotyping. I believe my family can best be described as a nuclear family, with minor differences. For example, both of my parents work, so my father isn’t necessarily the “breadwinner” of the household. Also, the definition of nuclear family doesn’t specifically state how each family member should act. For example, I live at home…show more content…
For example, I have a friend that I met in college, whose parents got divorced right as she went off to college. Her parents believed that retaining their nuclear family was the best thing to do, until her and her younger siblings were old enough to deal with their divorce. This placed more stress on her, especially when her parents starting arguing with one another over their possessions. She had to deal with going to a new school, living on her own, and figuring out how to deal with a different family life than she was used to. She always claims that her parents would argue day and night while they were together, and they were both unhappy. She wishes they got a divorce sooner, so it would have been easier to deal with as she got older. Their nuclear family was more harmful than helpful towards everyone involved. Other types of family life may be more beneficial for various reasons as well. An extended family may make family members closer, offer extra sets of eyes on kids and possibly bring in extra income. Adoption allows a family to nurture a child that did not have a home. While the specifics of foster care may get a bad rap, the overall idea can be ideal, as many kids are taken into the care of someone, rather than no one. As we discussed in class, it has been proven that same-sex couples do not have an affect on the way their kids are
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