Sociology Observation of Two Advertisements Essay

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This observation assignment has been very interesting, in that it has made me more aware of advertisements. The two that I chose are Gentleman's Quarterly (GQ) and Vogue, both from September 2014. The ads that I chose are a representative cross-section of the typical ads you would find in these magazines.   We will start with Vogue. In Vogue #1, (an ad for Ruddenberry of London) there seems to be outdoor party of some sort going on. There is a man pouring tea with a fake smile. There's another male on seated on a horse, next to a younger female wearing a Mardi Gras mask. At the bottom is a young girl wearing the kind of wig that Thomas Jefferson wore. Most of the characters seem to be younger middle-age characters, and they…show more content…
I think it's interesting that the boy is slightly chubby while the girl is skinny. This plays into the stereotype that the media has placed on females, which says that they cannot be overweight. The occupations are not overly apparent, but the father is some type of businessman, and I would assume that the mother is a housewife. This ad is designed to trigger a response of familiarity we have from either living in the 50's and experiencing something like this, or watching the TV shows that portrayed families like this. There are no other races shown, so from these two ads, I would extrapolate that Vogue's main customer base is upper-middle class whites. In Vogue #3, it shows many different pictures of a poor Asian neighborhood in one of America's big cities. In the middle picture on the bottom row, it looks as if those three females on the right work in some factory. It is hard to ascertain what the men on the right of that picture do, but apparently they like the boots. I think that Asians would have a poor image of themselves after seeing this ad. It just seems to showcase the poor quality of their living conditions. I found it interesting that although the neighborhood is portrayed as "bad", there is absolutely no trash or junk on the streets. It's as if they want them to look poor but not trashy.   Moving to GQ #1 (an ad for Docker's Khakis), shows two presumably college age students in a typical student setting, the library. The female
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