Sociology Of Sex And Gender Essay

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Ajibola Olayinka
Sociology of sex and gender
Professor Taylor Houston
8th November, 2016.
My beliefs and view on the gender ideology towards work and family is more weighed on one side (Masculine) and partly on the other (Feminine). It is evident that the ‘Masculine’ gender is more dominant in our society and because of this; there is more expectation and responsibility for the masculine gender. However, there is a continual inclusion trend in which we are witnessing the feminine gender assume some roles of the masculine gender. But overall, the masculine effect is still dominant. I personally feel that there should be a good balance of work and family responsibility by the men. It is necessary that the ‘Men’ are mostly responsible for taking the role of the breadwinner of the family therefore, the working hours of the men would have to be met as required by the employer. For example, working 40 hours a week is the minimum in the US but varies in some other places. In a case whereby the man has to take an overtime shift just to meet the needs of the family. The core responsibility of a family depends on both the man and the woman. This also varies depending on the family. In my opinion, I would expect both genders o take equal responsibility. The feminine gender is mostly associated with the child care activities and the house chores while the Masculine gender is associated with the providing for the family and helping the feminine gender. In as much as there will be
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