Sociology : Race And Ethnic Relations Essay

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Midterm 2
Sociology 006: Race and Ethnic Relations
Namrata Jaykrishna

Part 1

2. Race and Aesthetics. Art and the aesthetic realm are situated within a social context and racial order is integral to the social context. Select one or two pieces of artistic good – painting, literature, cinema, music, fashion – and analyze how the artwork reflects a White, Racist and an Antiracist aesthetic.

Aesthetics and race have gone hand in hand for many years in a variety of ways. Artistic goods can often represent racism and attitudes towards race. This can be seen in all forms of art, whether it is painting, literature, cinema, music or fashion. Different pieces of art can represent different aesthetics about race and what it means to the creator and audience of the artistic good in question.

Aesthetics and race have been especially interconnected since the past few decades. Even though there have been many visible advances in the reduction of racism in the country, a lot of artistic goods do not seem to represent this. Both implicit and explicit racial biases and attitudes often occur in both the creators and audiences of these artistic goods. These are represented in various ways.

I would like to begin by discussing racism in the Hollywood film industry. In any group of people where the sample size is large enough, you can be sure to find some people who are racist. Moreover, Hollywood and the entire filmmaking industry is greatly and often purely motivated by money else, and
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