Sociology : Science As X

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Erin Sakakibara
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December 19, 2014
Sociology 191V – Science As X
Science as “The Normalizer”
I have not lived in a society where homosexuality is not visible and a popular topic in both the scientific and sociological community. Growing up in Los Angeles meant that I was exposed to a culture that, in general, allowed the homosexual population to classify themselves differently and pursue their desired lifestyles, but I had never really considered how much gay presence has changed. Studying sociology at UCLA has introduced me to the mixture of perspectives that influences our behavior experiences as human beings. Most interesting to me is the interaction of biological, psychological, and social factors that shape the environment we live in, our behavioral tendencies, our place in society, our attitudes towards others and vice versa, and our self-concept. I have noticed how the classifications of people based on the factors listed above affect those who are so classified. And more specifically, I have wondered, what role does science play in this process? Science has been a dominant factor in determining our beliefs about practically anything and everything – from medical discoveries and health studies to dieting and exercise. When it comes to people, and specifically “deviant” people, science seeks to control, help, organize, change, and/or understand them. We categorize individuals based on various properties, and specifically for homosexuals, we have defined…
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