Sociology-Social Class

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“ I got to figure. We all got to figure. There’s some way to stop this. It’s not like lightening or earthquakes. We’ve got a bad thing made by man, and by God that’s something we can change.” John Steinbeck. This excerpt from Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath is talking about the ‘bad things’ that we deal with in our society. Two bad things that are extremely pressing in society today are the growing gap in the social class system and gender inequality. Both social class problems and gender inequality affect the way members of our society live their daily lives but are commonly overlooked or underestimated. Social Class is a way of categorizing households into groups of similar occupations, education levels and general income levels. The…show more content…
A women who performs the same occupation as a man often receives a lower salary, even though they work the same job. Masculinity is something that we relate to being strong and powerful, where often Femininity can be seen as fragile. The United States is a capitalist patriarchy, this means that men hold power positions allowing them to to keep women in inferior roles, and because of this women are subject to discrimination in the workplace where they earn a lesser pay scale than that of men in equivalent jobs. Women in the work place are often seen as out of place. As a women in an engineering firm, my mother was criticized for returning to work after having a baby rather than staying on maternity leave. The men in her department felt as if a women should stay home from work to take care of the baby, because after all she was a mother and maternity leave is clearly for the mother and not the father. According to a study performed in 1972 by Weitzman, even picture books portray women in inferior roles. “Boys were active in outdoor activities while girls were passive and most often found indoors. The activity of the girls in some way typically was in service to the boys”. When we teach our children at such a young age that women are not as strong and important as men it makes it much harder to change the way our system works. Religion is also a
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